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Image by Markus Spiske

We believe that children are naturally curious and immersed in a peaceful flow, when surrounded by nature.  


Each week, children hop on our minibus, and travel to attend their sessions at either our Outdoor Classroom (located at Waterman’s allotments in Henley-on-Thames) or our Forest School (located in the woodlands behind the allotment) where they immerse themselves in Mother Nature.  ​ 


The children's experiences at the Forest School & Outdoor Classroom promote freedom within natural boundaries.  They support personal, social and emotional development, providing children with opportunities to be courageous and curious, and to experience both success and failure - indeed our Outdoor Classroom is all about the process, not necessarily the outcome. 


Outdoors we encourage children to take risks, to explore, create and invent and learn through first hand experience. Their learning outdoors transfers naturally to the wider world, the curriculum and further activities within the Montessori classroom. 


We particularly enjoy providing children with a direct insight in to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Having fun outdoors in the fresh air, playing, learning, being physical and eating and preparing healthy ‘home grown’ food themselves… it speaks for itself, and helps set children up to create healthy habits for life.


 “We cook the food today. I love pumpkin risotto and I look after the pumpkin, its a plant. And I give it water. And the sun gives it sun. I look after yummy yummy punkin and I love muddy puddles!“ Age 3 ​ 

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