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Image by Joseph Rosales

Montessori education has been interpreted in many different ways over the years and it is hard to define in quick simple terms. However, there are certain aspects that we hold particularly dear at Henley Village Montessori…  ​ 


We value each child as a unique individual, with his or her own rhythms, timing, interests and drive. We know that each child is intrinsically motivated, and we support each child in developing this motivation further and to be able to listen to his/her ‘inner voice'. 

By carefully observing each child we form a picture of how we can best support them through each period of their development. Our observations also help us in preparing a thought out and child focussed environment, which is orderly and enticing and which promotes independence and curiosity. 


We carefully choose all the materials in our classroom. They are typically made from natural materials, are hands on (giving the child sensorial feedback), self-correcting (supporting problem solving, independent learning and resolve), and helps to structure the curriculum so that the child progresses systematically and moves onto new challenges and discoveries at his/her own pace. 


We promote grace and courtesy through all our interactions. We support the development of a diverse and socially cohesive class of mixed ages where each individual is considered and considerate. We explore and imbed British Values into our daily practices.  We respect ourselves, our environment and others. 

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